Saturday, March 15, 2008

Publication Dates

I got a great suggestion in the comments that I should be including publication dates in the recaps, because it really does make a difference when you're comparing a book from the eighties to something published only two years ago. Since I am jumping around to books as I get them, and only paying attention to dates as far as getting through a series in order, this is a great idea. I have gone through all the old recaps and included a publication date, so now you know!

It is kind of strange to me she's a current YA author; when I compare her to the YA writers I really love, that sort of breaks my brain.

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Jujube said...

I really like your site.

All these YA sites are like literary crack...

I just started my own which is postless, but hopefully you'll stop by sometime. No, I did not intend to pimp my site out like this...

Have a great weekend :p