Thursday, July 17, 2008

I continue to be alive!

One of my pet peeves is when bloggers spend more time blogging about how they should be blogging than actually blogging, so I feel like a real jackhole to be here again telling you guys I AM SORRY for the lack of posting activity, and I really do read all your comments and emails asking for new posts. And they will come!

It's absolutely a good news for me/bad news for you scenario, to be perfectly honest. My actual book is flying along right now (over 52k, when did that happen?) and I've been doing a ton of research for book number three, and those books, while not as groundbreaking as anything our beloved Lurlene has written for us, generally always take priority.

Anyways, there's a Lurlene book on my bedside table now (that's absolutely true, too, you can ask my roommate Dawn Rochelle to verify this and I'm sure she would report good findings), so I'll be back in business as soon as I can be.