Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tonight on the Lurlene Channel

If you think starting a video with neon blue is enough to set the world afire, you'd sadly be wrong.

Sorry, guys, this is the most boring Lurlene video I've seen thus far. I mean, I don't know how many of you guys write, but basically if you jot down two paragraphs and show them to anyone who doesn't write, they will either ask who you based it on or when it happened to you. UM YOU GUYS I HAVE NEVER HAD CANCER OR BEEN IN A COMA YOU KNOW THIS!

So, like, I totally need to know what teenagers Lurlene's stalking that she thinks her books are realistic. Do you guys know ANY kids who talk the way Lurlene's characters do? Also, like, how creepy is the thought? You're just this normal high-schooler, and then over your shoulder you spot this middle-aged woman jotting down everything you and your friends say, except she's clearly, like, half-assing it and just kind of paraphrasing and summarizing. If you are that teenager, I am so sorry!

Basically I spent the whole video just wondering if Lurlene was gonna throw that apple at me.

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