Sunday, March 9, 2008

A handy list for your perusal

You guys! I have been getting some emails and comments asking if I'm going to recap this or that Lurlene book. My goal is truly to hit all of them, and the only thing really holding me back is finding them all dirt cheap. But I do have some waiting at home, and some other coming to me through the glory and beauty of a friend in the book biz and also, of course, eBay.

So without further ado I present a master list of all the Lurlene titles I plan on recapping! The ones already recapped merely have links to their recaps, while the titles I have (or will soon have) are marked as well. I plan on updating this list at least weekly, so feel free to check back with it whenever you'd like. And, yes, I will take requests, if it's something I have!

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