Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lurlene Quizzes

I hope to have the conclusion to the Amish trilogy up early next week, but I think I should probably devote this weekend to working on my own book, which is probably wondering if it should catch the cancer to get my attention. (Dear beloved book, no you shouldn't, xoxoxoAmes)

So in the meanwhile, please amuse yourself with these Lurlene quizzes I found! I am ashamed to say that even though I feel like I'm more of a thorough skimmer of Lurlene books than attentive reader (don't hate on me for the truth!) I somehow managed to get one hundred percent on the Amish/angels quiz. Imagine all the valuable information my brain has been depleted of to remember this trivia, and cry for me.

If you're not too proud (see what I did there??) do share your scores in the comments!


Jujube said...

I scored so badly!!

There were Sweet Valley quizzes, too...I did a little better on those. Ha.

~Have a good weekend~

Halvorsen said...

I got a 15/20. And that is just from reading your recaps.

ames said...

Does that mean I can now qualify for an Educator Discount at Barnes & Noble?