Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On LurleneTV: Lurlene's Process

Here it is! The moment you've been waiting for! Lurlene takes us through HER PROCESS!:

I am all embarrassed because when I write, I too start with characters. I'm curious about this, though. Like, when she says she starts with the characters, does she mean she starts with Carrie, perfect child, wants to be stand-up comedian or is it more like CARRIE USED TO HAVE LEUKEMIA, NOW LET ME WRITE TEN PAGES ABOUT BONE MARROW ASPIRATIONS IN PAINSTAKING DETAIL? I'm curious. Where Lurlene is concerned, I feel that plot and character kind of run hand-in-hand and then leap all over the place like an untrained dog.

You guys, it totally freaked me out when that RANDOM DISEMBODIED VOICE asked a follow-up question!! WHO WAS THAT?

Favorite line:

"Right now I'm still just getting -- believe it or not, because I'm almost a quarter done [didn't she just say she was a third done?] -- I'm still kind of dancing with the characters."

One thing I thought about after seeing this, and was also pointed out to me by my friend Stacey, is that when I started this blog, I thought about the fact that Lurlene has, like, fifty books out, and I figured she must use a ghostwriter. But the more I hear her talk, the more I find that kind of unlikely. This is a woman who lives and breathes pro-cess.

Honestly, the thing that strikes me most about these videos so far, is that even though she writes these crazy death books where moms shouldn't work, Lurlene just seems like this regular lady. My roommate Dawn Rochelle said, "she seems like a normal, kooky aunt you’d have, who’d give you paper-maché earrings.” I concur, Dawn Rochelle, I concur.

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