Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuning Back into the Lurlene Channel

I hope you guys love neon green!!!!

Oh, man, you guys, so as soon as Lurlene starts comparing her books to her children with regards to the subject of picking a favorite, I was totally waiting for her to say, "so, you know, Sean!"


I hesitate to admit this to you guys, because I wouldn't dare yet compare myself to Lurlene (I'm not being snotty, seriously, she's published and I am not, also she tends to FINISH projects whereas I...) but I actually totes get the whole "my favorite is what I'm writing now" thing. I mean, if it's not, how do you get any work done? No, instead you turn into Narcissus, but instead of staring at your reflection all day, you keep paging through your own work while shouting out stuff like "girl, you friggin' rock!" and soon a decade has passed and when people ask about your new projects you have to lie or run away.

So of COURSE Lurlene likes Jodi Picoult and EVEN MENTIONS MY SISTER'S KEEPER which is so effing a grown-up Lurlene book if I've ever read one! I mean, it's heads-and-tails above Lurlene in quality, but, please, it's about a girl with cancer and her family! (Also I really tried to like it, but there are about seventy-two points of view, and it felt like a cheap way out of actually portraying what each of the characters are feeling. WHY DON'T YOU JUST TELL ME WHAT THEY'RE FEELING, JODI, OKAY!)

Favorite line from this episode: A TIE!!

"The Harry Potter stuff is very interesting to me."

[on her favorite kinds of books] "Murder mysteries, who-dunnits... real thinking books about figuring it out, because my mind doesn't work that way."