Thursday, April 24, 2008

RSS = Really Sucky Syndication?

My lovable friends Kristy and Stacey have informed me that the RSS feed Stacey set up for LiveJournal is completely borked. Argh! It turns out my recaps are too long for the delicate nature of the feed.

I don't really know how to handle this; unfortunately Blogger doesn't offer a way to "cut" the entries at present, so it's either write less (all those who know me have got to be having a hearty chuckle over that) or move to another blogging provider, which I am seriously just not up to doing anytime soon.

So for now, I suggest if you read this blog via an RSS feed, check in occasionally here so, like Kristy, you don't miss a month's worth of entries.


Madeline said...

I subscribe via google's reader and haven't had any problems.

Just in case anyone's looking for a good RSS feeder. I like it.

notemily said...

Your friends are in the Baby-Sitters Club?